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Important Message

With Level-2 now in place, this means we are now open again for business. However, to ensure the safety of our members and staff, we are implementing a few changes that we ALL must abide to.

They are as follows:


  • All members and staff MUST scan-in with their tags upon entry – NO EXCEPTIONS. In the event we need to contact trace, we need the reliable data.
  • All guests (prospective members, children etc) are all required to sign the Guest Register on entry – NO EXCEPTIONS.



  • Must hand sanitise upon entry and exit of facility
  • Must not have any symptoms related to, or knowingly exposed to Covid-19
  • Must not have returned from overseas in the past 14 days
  • Must inform The Rec Room immediately if they are confirmed with Covid-19



  • Must maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance between all members and staff at all times



  • Must clean/spray/wipe-down ALL equipment immediately after use
  • Must wash and/or sanitise hands before and after using equipment
  • Must cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • Must carry a sweat towel at all times during classes



  • Our timetable has adjusted slightly, to avoid potential overcrowding. View new timetable
  • ALL members in class, must always maintain a minimum of 1 metre physical distance from others
  • ALL members in class, must hand sanitise between each change in exercise
  • Equipment will be sprayed down/disinfected throughout the entire class


By scanning and signing in, each individual agrees to the new guidelines set out by The Rec Room and the New Zealand Government.

The Rec Room staff will be monitoring the gym floor – maintaining the club cleanliness during the day, monitoring close proximity between members, and encouraging members to wipe down equipment.

We cannot wait to see you all!