The following is to ensure the member understands they are taking part in The Rec Room’s 28 Day Lock-Down Challenge, and accepts the procedures we have introduced to allow for maximum results with minimal set-backs. It is a requirement that you read the following terms and conditions of this challenge, and complete your registration by accepting these terms on the registration form.

  1. I acknowledge I have read a copy of The Rec Room’s terms and conditions and I agree to those terms and conditions that apply.
  2. If I am not a member of The Rec Room, I acknowledge that I will make my payment of $89 to The Rec Room through the payment method provided..
  3. I acknowledge and accept that The Rec Room’s 28 Day Lock-Down Challenge is a vigorous physical programme that may be in excess of my usual regime. I acknowledge there is a possible risk associated with exercise (including dangers of physical injury and death), supervised or unsupervised – and I assume the risk of such danger. This clause is subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, if it applies.
  4. I acknowledge that The Rec Room training staff will not be present during my home workouts.
  5. I represent that I am in good physical condition and have no medical reason for impairment that might prevent me from my intended use of the facilities. I acknowledge that I have provided my medical history truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.
  6. The Rec Room has my permission to use my photographs for marketing purposes. I understand that the images may be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media. I also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.
  7. I understand and acknowledge that The Rec Rooms staff and The Rec Room itself will not and cannot provide me with any medical advice. If I have any health or medical concerns now or after I join the challenge, I will discuss them with my doctor before entering the challenge.
  8. I understand that it is my responsibility to tell The Rec Room staff immediately if I feel the exercise is putting me at unnecessary risk where I may injure myself, or those around me.
  9. If I require special medication, I must have this medication with me each time I exercise. This includes but is not limited to: An asthma inhaler, diabetic medication, and allergy medication.
  10. I acknowledge I have given The Rec Room my contact details and consent to being contacted by them regarding products, services, news, event, and offers.

I understand if any problems should arise which limits my ability to finish the challenge, I am not entitled to any refunds of any kind.